New product announcement

Kiong Software is pleased to announce the official launch of our ground-breaking and revolutionary sport venue booking system.

Kiong Software "CBX12 Booking System" is an intelligent computer system which enables the staff of a sport venue to manage its venue booking and payment processing efficiently. Our "CBX12 Booking System" will transform how you manage your sport fields/court for the better. The system will reduce the number of telephone calls the staff needs to answer concerning venue booking, reduces the possibilities of missed telephone calls concerning venue booking and eliminates the possibilities of the double booking of a venue.

CBX12 Booking System

Key features:

  • Revolutionary, first-of-its-kind "drag-and-select" bulk selection of courts / booking time
    • Just hold down the mouse button and drag the mouse to quickly select the range of courts or time that you want to book.
  • 24x7 availability of venue booking service on the Internet
    • Can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world.1
  • Compatible with popular smart phones, including Apple® iPod touch®, iPhone® and iPad®, Android phones, Windows phones and BlackBerry devices.
  • Easy to use point-and-click user interface.
  • Immediate payment processing of credit card payment. Eliminates the hassle of following up payment by venue staff.
  • Supports prepaid option for a quicker booking process for regular customers.
  • Highly flexible and adaptable system,
    • Supports different types of sport venue (e.g. Tennis court booking, soccer ground booking, squash court booking, basketball court booking, and many more).
    • Can even be configured to support non-sporting venues (e.g. function rooms, event hall, etc.).
    • Can handle large number of venues or courts/fields/rooms.
  • Highly intelligent system,
    • Automatically detects potential double booking.
    • Automatically applies varying booking rates (e.g. Intelligently applies peak hour rate, off-peak hour rate, long term booking rate or discount rate).
  • Supports on-the-spot verification of valid booking by venue staff via mobile devices (e.g. smart phones with built-in camera) using QR-code.
  • Easy to use web-based administration tool for venue staff to view, add, change or cancel bookings anytime, anywhere.1

1Subject to the availability of Internet connection and a web browser

See the full details of the "CBX12 Booking System"

  • What our client has to say:
  • "[Having] the court booking system means tennis courts can be booked and paid for at anytime without fear of courts being double booked or the need for staff members to allocate courts. We do not actually have to do any work in this area. How fantastic."
  • Senaka Subasinghe
  • Director
  • In The Zone Tennis